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My 2018 in Pictures

Södra Ängby skola, Stockholm Grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 16 januari 2019

How was your year 2018? How would you describe it in pictures?

My 2018 in five pictures: 

1  .Choose five pictures/photos that say something about your 2018 (people, places, hobbies, pets, trips, events…)

2.     Make a Google presentation (or Power point) where you include your five pictures (one slide = one picture. You can use pictures only or, if you wish, add keywords. No full sentences!

3.     Prepare a 5 minute presentation about your 2018. Make sure that you Explain WHY you chose these photos and tell us about what the photo represents – What does it tell us about your year?

4.     You will use two lessons to prepare.


Here are some questions that you can use for ideas. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to!

-        What made you happy this year?

-         What was you greatest adventure?

-         What was the most difficult thing this year?

-         What was your birthday/Christmas/New year like?

-         What did you do that you had never tried before?

-         I spent too much time doing this (how will you change it?)

-         What did you learn or improve in?

-         What did you care about or think a lot about?

-         What is your best piece of advice for next year?


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