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Engelska åk 8C - Sparks- v. 5

Ekens skola, Stockholm Grundskolor · Senast uppdaterad: 1 februari 2021

We start up our new term working with Sparks (Text Book and Work Book). You will not be formally assessed this week, instead, you will get to practice all four skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening (through online conversations). Our English lessons will be via Teams this week - so read the planning below carefully!


At 11:00, after your SO lesson, you will come to school and pick up the books you need for the week, as well as printed detailed instructions for what to do and a piece of paper that you will hand in on Friday with your work on it

The first lesson on Teams starts at 11:45-12:00. Make sure you are at home and have joined the meeting on time. I will go over: Introduction / Planning / Assessment / Different ways of working with the books / *Homework / Start Sparks

Your NO-lesson har been changed into an English lesson! So log back in at 12:40 for attendance and instructions and to start working with the Sparks books.


09:40-11:40. Log in for attendance. 

Work in Sparks and with the word list.

Speaking with Astrid.



08:30-11:50 :Log in for attendance. 

Work in Sparks and with the word list.

Speaking with Astrid.



08:30-10:00 AND 13:15-14:45: Log in for attendance at the start of BOTH lessons. 

Work in Sparks and with the word list.

Speaking with Astrid.

Make sure that you have noted down all your difficult words by the end of the day.



08:20-9:50 AND 14:10-15:30:

Log in for attendance on BOTH lessons. 

Finish your word list on Teams and hand it in during the first lesson.

At 14:10, you should be back at school to hand in the books that you worked with as well as the paper with the exercises you worked on.


* Homework:  On Friday, you should hand in a hand written list consisting of 20-30 new words which you have learnt over the week. Choose one third of the words giving the Swedish translation as well as an English synonym. One third of the words should be put into an English phrase and another third of the words should have their meaning explained in English.


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