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The Media

Västra skolan, Falun · Senast uppdaterad: 31 augusti 2021

The Media, what it is and how it affects us.

"The Media"

The media is all around us. Constantly. Wherever we turn, we see pictures, read news and other types of information, as well as watch videos, TV shows and films. Is this a good thing? Are we affected by it? It is important to reflect on these things in order to be able to be critical and not automatically fall for everything that you see or read, whether it is filtered/photoshopped pictures, ideas and preconceptions about people in society, news etc.

During this unit we will focus mostly on the ability to speak, but the other abilities will also play a part in different assignments. We will read texts in Wings Red, watch videos, write a bit and, of course, discuss.


What is "The Media"?

Wings: What is The Media, p. 10. Words

Discuss: What medium do you use most during the week? What can you do to make sure you get good information from that particular medium?




What do you see on this picture? What are your thoughts about it?


Five ways to spot fake news

How false information spreads


What Sells? And Where?

Advertising – reklam

Advertise – marknadsföra, annonsera

Advertisement – annons

Commercial – reklamfilm/TV-reklam

Affect – påverka

Influence – inflytande, påverka


Wings: What sells? And where?,  p. 20-21.Words


Social media

What do you see on this picture? What are your thoughts about it?


Five social media musts for teens




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What media do you use?
Make an advertisement
Make an advertisement
Uppgift 4
Social media - important or just a pain? (Extra)
Läxa Photoshop
Social Media Homework
Make a commercial
Speaking about media
News Broadcast

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