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Argumentative essay

Österåkers gymnasium, Österåker · Senast uppdaterad: 26 augusti 2022

Week 34-37

You are going to write an argumentative essay. Choose a topic of your choice and research pros and cons. You need at least 3 arguments and counter arguments on your topic as well as valid sources throughout your text, not as a list at the end of your essay.

Work on choosing good and valid sources as well as writing in a formal language with correct and advanced grammar and spelling and a good structure. Your essay is to be 1,5 - 2 pages long.


- Introduction

- Argument and counter argument 

Argument and counter argument 

Argument and counter argument 

- Conclusion/summary



After you have handed in your essay, you will hold a well prepared and professionally executed presentation, 6-8 minutes long. Think about using correct pronunciation and grammar and keep it formal.


Best of luck!

//Miss J


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