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Rubric reading comprehension

Skapad 2016-05-23 16:34 i Allgymnasiet Visa kommun
To be used for self assessment and strategies for improvement.


I need work
I try
I’m good
I didn’t get it, it was too difficult to follow, there were so many unknown words.
I understood parts of the text but there were many words I didn’t know.
I understood most of the text but I would have to look up some of the words.
I understood almost all the words and the ones I didn’t I could get from the context.
I thought it was really hard to get any details, I was concentrating on the main contents.
I didn’t get all the details but enough to understand what the text was about.
I think I got most of the details. I tried to take notes while reading.
I got all the details and I made notes to prove it!
I feel stupid...
I didn’t quite recognize the issue but I think I have an idea of what it’s about.
I knew a bit about the issue discussed in the text and I could use my knowledge to understand more.
I knew about the issue they were talking about in the text and I could understand the references and the associations.
What’s a perspective?
I’m not sure I recognized any point of view.
I think I recognized the point of view that was in focus.
I could easily recognize several perspectives used in the text including postmodernism, feminism and postcolonialism.
I try to focus but it doesn’t really work all the time. I guess I get most of the contents.
I am able to focus most of the time, I don’t think I missed anything.
I am blessed with an ability to focus on what I am reading and I don’t miss any important parts.
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