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Summer Talk

Skapad 2020-05-29 08:54 i Rödabergsskolan Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola 8 – 9
Yet to attain
internal connection and purpose
Your content needs to show internal connection (röd tråd) more clearly. The purpose of your talk is too unclear.
Content is internally connected. E.g. sections discuss the same topic.
The content's internal connection is clear and logical. E.g. sections discuss the same topic from different angles, in-depth, without repetition. Clear message & purpose.
The content's internal connection is clear and logical. It has a strong sense of everything coming together at the end, including the purpose/message of the talk, especially if this has not been specifically stated.
Use of time-shifting techniques (e.g. flash-forwards, flashbacks, circular), imagery (sensory description, metaphor, simile, personification etc.)
Use of literary devices is incorrect or lacking.
Some correct use.
Use that enhances the talk.
SIgnificant efficient use of devices.
Pace, tone, intonation, prosody, dramatic variation, personal voice.
Mostly functional
Highly functional
All highly functional
Pronunciation and hesitation
Too many disturbing errors
Some disturbing errors
Few disturbing errors
Few disturbing errors despite complex language
Structure (or lack thereof) makes talk hard to follow.
Talk follows a simple structure, such as chronology or listing, which may or may not be highlighted by connecting words ("the next thing that happened", "another example is" etc)
Talk uses structure efficiently and shifts appear natural and easy to follow.
Talk makes use of structure and devices to strengthen the internal connection and the message/purpose. Shifts are placed strategically and help/surprise/shock the listener.
Correctness: vocabulary and grammar.
Too many word choice errors, problematic/incorrect sentences.
Basically correct.
Correct and reasonably varied and advanced.
Correct, varied, advanced, appropriate for purpose.
Use of feedback
Shows little or no use or no consideration of feedback. or Bypassed editing process. (Failed to hand in drafts.)
Shows some feedback use.
Your work process shows evidence of several instances of considered post-feedback work, for example considering suggestions, using correction tools, reading/listening and adjusting text, responding to questions and comments.
In addition to having shown a methodical and efficient approach to feedback work, you have shown initiative and engaged in editing discussion, considering responses and asking questions and/or making comments that push the process forward.
Balance of storytelling and other types of speaking.
Uses more than one type, but without clearly style-shifting, e.g. anecdotes, reflections and facts sound much the same.
Clear style-shifting, using sentence structure, tense, other devices, voice features, to signal and enhance the shift.
Shifts efficiently and repeatedly between types.
Project management
Following instructions and time-plan. Managing tools. Problem solving. Responsibility. Asking for support appropriately. SELF-ASSESS!
Needs improvement
Done, but had major issues, and needed lots of help without asking for it in time. Procrastinated. May have blamed technology.
Most aspects were managed appropriately and difficulties overcome (e.g. asked for help in good time, handed in the right thing in the right place). Missed something minor, like mentioning and/or rectifying submission in the wrong place.
Perfection. Did not last minute panic, though deadline may have been tight. Did not message teacher/friends or harrass parents/siblings in the middle of the night. Handed in the exact thing asked for at the right time. Can use the tools and help others. You basically rock.
End result
My finished summer talk makes me feel... SELF-ASSESS!
Huh? What finished summer talk? Yeah, never got that far...
Relieved it's over. I could have done better.
Little bit cringe, little bit proud.
Well proud! Awesome with only a minor touch of awkward, Look forward to doing it again next year!
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