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How to vote in Sweden

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Extra material about the Swedish election.
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
Use the link

to find the answers to the questions.


A. Answer the questions below:

A. Answer the questions below:

1. When are you entitled to vote in the election to the Swedish Riksdag?

2. If you have an American citizenship and have been registered for population purposes in Sweden one year ago; are you entitled to vote in the elections to the decision-making bodies of municipal and county councils?

3. When does the voting card arrive?

4. If your dog ate your voting card; where can you get a new one?

5. What sort of ballot papers is blue?

6. What do you do if you want to vote for a certain candidate of the party?

7. What kind of identification papers is valid in the polling station?

8. When is the polling station open?

9. How do you handle the voting if you are out of the country at the election time?

10. How can you vote if you are in jail?


B. Translate the words:







Decision-making bodies








Ballot papers


First and foremost






The Election Authority



C. Look up the eight Swedish parties in the Swedish parliament and translate their party names into English.

D. Choose one party and write down the three most important questions for that party.

E. If you were able to vote this year; which party would you vote for in the Election to the Swedish parliament and why?

F. Choose five words from exercise B and put them into own sentences. 







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