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English around the world

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Temaplanering om engelskspråkiga länder. Finns ett antal länkar till en del länder där eleverna kan hitta delar av sin information.
Grundskola 9 Engelska

Lesson 1: Introduction - In which countries is English a first or second language?

Lesson 2: Introduction to reading journal - Borrow and read book.

Lesson 3: Introduction to group work. Commercial about a country.

Lesson 4-5: Work with commercial.

Lesson 6: Presentation of group works.

Lesson 7: Practise listening comprehension / reading comprehension.

Lesson 8: Practise old national test - writing.

Lesson 9: Preparation of peer-response. 

Lesson 10: Peer-response.


What we will work with:

  1.  Plan a trip. Your task is to plan a trip through two or more countries where English is spoken together with one or two other people. You will receive an imaginary amount of money, and you have to plan your trip accordingly. You will create a blog, where you write a couple of entries about different things that happen. You should also post at least one video entry about something that happens. Remember to include some facts about food, culture, how to travel, living accommodations and so on. Also, find some aspect and compare it to the Swedish variety.
  2. Commercial about a country. In a group of four, your task is to do a oral presentation about a country or an aspect of a country (i.e. a city). You should try to shed the country/state/city in a as positive light as possible. Remember to include stuff that tourists would be interested in: food (examples of cheap and expensive), culture, history, living accommodations (both cheap and expensive), travel information. You should also include a weekend trip plan (if a city) or a week plan (if a country), where activities and costs are outlined.
  3. Read a novel. Choose and read a novel. The novel should preferably have something to do with an English speaking country, but it is not obligatory. The novel can then be presented in different ways, which is up to the student to decide. This will be your homework.
  4. News in countries. We will look at what the most important news in the different countries seem to be.
  5. Listen to different varieties of English.
  6. Also included: Old national tests.

Useful websites (google them)

Arrival Guides (facts and tourist information about different countries)

Geographia (facts and tourist information about different countries)

International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA) (An archive with different English dialects from around the world)

Travel Further: American-British/British-American dictionary.

World 66 (tourist information about different countries)

Lonely Planet (tourist information geared toward backpackers)


Australia (websites)

ABC television (Australian TV-channel)

About Australia (Tourist facts)

The Age (Australian newspaper) (Official Australian website)

British Council Learn English Teens: Australia (language exercises on the theme Australia)

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australian newspaper)

United Kingdoms (websites)

The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph (English newspapers)

Daily Mail, The Sun (English tabloids)

BBC news, Sky News (English TV-channels)

Britannia (Facts about English history)

British Council Learn English: UK culture (language exercises about the UK)

London Net (tourist information about London)

London Town (tourist information about London)


India (websites)

The Hindu (Indian newspaper)

Tourism of India (tourist information)

Ireland (websites)

Ireland Fun Facts (facts about Ireland)

Irish Central (news, sports, entertainment etc.)

Tourism Ireland (tourist information)

The Irish News (newspaper)

Canada (websites)

Canadian Travel Guide (tourist information)

The Star (Canadian newspaper)

Keep Exploring: Canada (Tourist information)

New Zealand (websites)

100% Pure New Zealand (tourist information)

Emigrate New Zealand (information for those wanting to be citizens)

New Zealand Guide Book (tourist information)

The New Zealand Herald (newspaper)

South Africa (websites)

South Africa travel (tourist information)

The Independent South Africa (sydafrikansk dagstidning)

South Africa Info (the country's official website)

Avert: HIV and Aids in South Africa (facts)

West Indies (websites) (tourist information)

Bermuda Sun, The Jamaican Gleaner, The Jamaica Observer, Trinidad Guardian (assortment of newspapers and tabloids)

Jamaicans (different facts about Jamaican culture)

Speak Jamaican (Jamaican slang dictionary)

Trinidad and Tobago - The True Caribbean (tourist information)

Visit Jamaica (tourist information)

USA (websites)

The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, The New York Times, The Washington Post (newspapers)

ABC News, CBS News, NBC (News channels)

50 states (quick facts about the different states)

America's Story from America's Library (history, famous people, musik etc)

I love NY (tourist information about New York) Government Made Easy (information from the US government)

GOP (The Republican's official website)

Democrats (The Democrat's official website)

Visit the USA (tourist information)

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