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Grade 8 Unit 4: The USA

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Grundskola 8 Engelska

Our identity is partly created by our social surroundings, relationships with others and the context we live in and thereby we value life from different perspectives.


Concepts and Questions

 Global Context: Identities and Relationships

Key Concepts: Perspective

Related Concepts: Context and Structure


Inquiry Questions

  • What is America famous for? 
  • Would you do anything to reach stardom?
  • What does it take to become The King of Pop?
  • Can we learn about another country through a novel?

We will read facts about the USA and some American History. Then we will focus on fame. We will read articles and discuss stardom, which will lead to a poster in the end. We will also do verbal activities were we discuss these things. In addition to this we will read a book by an American author in order to see the life in America from a novel’s perspective.

Combined with these activities we will do some grammar activities that concern some/any, must/have to, subordinate clauses and possessive form, question tags and used to/usually. We will also practice listening and reading comprehension.

We will use google classroom and the planner on Lexby’s website to get detailed instructions and documents.

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