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Year 9 American Presidents

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Grundskola 9 Engelska
In many American movies you have the American president as a character. Some movies have the president as a made up character, but in others the actor is playing a real former president. In this project you will learn about some of the most famous former presidents of the US.


Agenda (see reference to grading criteria in Swedish below):

* To understand texts from different genres (1)

* To improve your presentation skills (2)

* To pick out relevant information from different sources (3)

* To be able to speak, get through to the audience and adjust how you present your facts. To learn new words and ways to express yourself by making the presentation easy to understand for everyone (4)

* To be able to discuss and compare and get more knowledge about the USA and about American presidents - both today and historically (5)



We will work with this project for two weeks.



You will give oral presentations presenting your presidents. Each presentation should take approximately five minutes.This time you will not be using Power Point. To make the presentation more interesting, you can use the white board, bring pictures or something else to illustrate what you are saying, but the focus will be on the oral presentation. Your presentation should contain:

* The most important and interesting facts from the handout.

* The language you use should be easy to understand for everyone. That means that you have to process the language on the handout, and present the information with your own words. If you use difficult words from the handout, these should be explained. It is required that you adapt your presentation to the audience (your teacher and your classmates who know nothing about your subject).

* If you have time, you can recommend or tell the class about a movie in which the president appears.


Groups: You will be working in small groups of 2-3 people.


Material: You will be given a handout about your presidents. This will be your main source, but you can also use other sources.


Grading criteria, relevant for this project (translation from above):

(1) Förstå skrift

(2) Redogöra, diskutera och agera

(3) Välja och använda material

(4) Formulera sig i tal samt anpassa sig till syfte, mottagare och situation

(5) Diskutera och jämföra

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