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Grade 7: Section 3-6

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Grundskola F – 9
In the spring we will learn about food, how to describe a flat/house, how to get around and some general information about Britain.


Section 3: Food - We will end the unit about food, that we started during the fall. After this unit you should be able to talk about food you like/disklike, items we use in the kitchen, order food at a restaurant, use polite phrases at meals and understand an English recipe. 

Assessments: Reading and listening comprehensions

Section 4: In the House - In this section you will study different kinds of housing, words for parts of a house, different rooms and furniture. After this unt you should be able to describe a flat/house and describe a room with furniture.

Assessment: Writing assignment and listening comprehension

Section 5: In Town - After this unit you should be able to describe a town and its different parts, ask the way, describe the way and to understand directions. You should aslo be able to talk about traffic situations and understand people who talk about traffic, buses and trains. 

Assessment: Reading comprehension and oral assignment

Section 6: Life in Britain - in this unit you will learn about teenage life in Britain, famous British books, people and places. After this unit you should be able to compare the life in Britain with the life in Sweden and know some general facts about Britain.

Assessment: Writing assignment and oral assignment


You find more detailed instructions in the planner All the information needed you will find in google classroom. We also use for our weekly homework. 


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