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Convince Me To Read!

Skapad 2017-05-01 12:41 i Modersmålsundervisningen Lunds för- och grundskolor
Grundskola 4 – 6 Modersmål
The Great Wall of Lucy Wu by Wendy Wan-Long Shang



Kopplingar till läroplanen


 att formulera sig och kommunicera i tal och skrift,

 att anpassa språket efter olika syften, mottagare och sammanhang,


Centralt innehåll

 Tala, lyssna och samtala Muntliga presentationer för olika mottagare.



When you are finished reading, you will need to create a small presentation.  Your presentation must include the following:


  • A brief summary of what your book is about. Tell the group all about the book and be sure to mention exciting parts or parts that will really catch their attention. Get them hooked on the idea that it's a great book.


  • At least three convincing reasons why someone else should read (and would enjoy) your story. Make them feel like they're missing out if they don't read it. Talk about it like it's the greatest thing ever. For Example, tell them how and why you feel it would benefit them to read it.


  • An index card with notes only about what you will say during your presentation.  Do not read your presentation to your audience, have your key points about what you plan to say and


  • PRACTICE.  Time yourself, you presentation should use the full 5 minutes.


  • Remember that you will be trying to convince someone else to read your book, so make your presentation as appealing, and your information as enticing, as possible!


  •  Choose at least 10 phrases from the list provided and sprinkle them throughout your content.





Convince Me To Read!

Presentation Eye contact
No eye contact.
Some eye contact (At least 2 times).
Looks at audience often during the presentation.
Presentation Audiobility
Monotone, speaks unclearly and low.
Uses clear and loud voice at times during the presentation.
Spoke clearly and could be heard throughout room during entire presentation.
Presentation Speed
Speaking too fast or too slow during entire presentation.
Speaking too fast or too slow during part of presentation.
Uses a rate of speaking that is appropriate.
Presentation Enthusiasm
Not animated or excited about project at all.
Somewhat animated and excited about project.
Animated and excited about project.
Words and Phrases
I used a couple of the persuasive words and phrases.
I used a number of the persuasive words and phrases.
I used all of the persuasive words and phrases.
Ny aspekt
I read directly from my script without using keywords for support.
I used some keywords but also relied on my script.
I presented using only keywords for support.
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