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Getting to Know You

Skapad 2017-08-29 17:09 i Kattegattgymnasiet Halmstad
Gymnasieskola Engelska
After the summer break, some people would like to sing along to the chorus of an Ace Wilder song: Don't wanna work, work, work , I wanna make money while I sleep... Bu not us! Let's get back on track again! How about applying for a job?


Welcome to this course of English

How can you be successful in your studies? Obvious answers are by working diligently and doing your homework. Research also indicates that an inspiring and friendly atmosphere is an important factor. That is why the main objective of the first four weeks is to meet a number of new pupils in different situations.

Also, the level of English 7 should be of interest and therefore, we will focus on writing as well. From now on, choosing an appropriate register (formal, neutral or informal) is tantamount to reaching high grades, and that is why it is vital to learn how to distinguish between them.


  • Performing a job interview
  • Writing a character reference
  • Writing a cover letter and a CV
  • Giving/Receiving peer response

You will not be assessed at this initial stage. Comments on how to improve your skills of writing will, however, be made and saved in your files/jackets. Later on, you will be asked to take a test of writing which will be graded. But remember that practice makes perfect and that progress will be made by the reception of feedback from peers and your teacher.

At Teams you can find a more detailed planning. Below you can see which core content and skills that we will be focusing on.


Core content practiced during the following weeks

  • Theoretical and complex subject areas, related to students' education and working life

Reception (Reading and Listening)

  • Spoken language, also with different social and dialect features, and texts
  • How written communications in different genres are built up.

Production and interaction (Speaking and Writing)

  • Oral and written production and interaction in different situations and for different purposes where students argue from different perspectives, apply, reason, negotiate and give reasons for their views.
  • Processing of language and structure in their own and others' communications, in formal and complex contexts, and to create adaptation to genre, style and purpose.


Bye for now!

Lena Perttu


  • Character reference

  • Cover letter and CV

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