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The Media

Skapad 2017-09-11 11:33 i Iggesunds skola Hudiksvall
Grundskola F Engelska
The media is all around us. There are many types of media in our world. It is used to give us information. We have newer media like the Internet and older media like newspapers and radio. All of them send messages to us but the media often only shows us one way of looking at the world. Is this the only picture of the world there is? Is what we read, see and listen to all that is really happening? Sometimes it is good to think about what we learn from the media and question this information. Now let's look at some types of media and how they influence us...


In this section you will study:

The influence of the media

The power of advertising

Famous newspapers

Popular magazines

Famous soap operas

Famous reality shows

Words for different kinds of TV programmes

How to express your opinions about TV programmes


What you will learn:

Discuss how media influences you

Discuss how advertising campaigns influence you

Name some famous newspapers

Name some popular magazines

Discuss your favourite soap opera

Talk about different kinds of TV programmes


  • News in Levels

  • Discussion 2 - The media

  • Famous reality shows

  • Famous reality shows

  • Pågående form presens

  • The Media - PowerPoint presentation

  • The Media - PowerPoint presentation

  • Discussion 2 - The media

  • News in Levels