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Wings 9 - Section 1 - Crime and punishment

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Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
In this unit we will read and discuss different texts having to do with crime and punishment. You will participate in some discussions and write an argumentative text about the death penalty.



To improve the ability to understand spoken and written English.

To improve the ability to speak and write English.

To improve the ability to use strategies while listening, reading, writing and speaking.

This will be assessed:

  • The ability to understand spoken English.
  • The ability to speak and write. Your writing will be assessed in the different written tasks we do, and your spoken language will be assessed during discussions.
  • The ability to use language strategies while speaking and writing. This has to do with your ability to rephrase, ask questions and explain when you are having trouble with finding words etc.
  • The ability to adapt your language to different situations, readers/listeners and purposes.


In the classroom


We will read a few texts in Wings, Gleerups, as well as other texts, and work with them in different ways, both in groups and individually. The work will be sent in though Unikum, as well as by using old-fashioned paper in the classroom.

You will also write an argumentative text about the death penalty . The text must be 1-3 pages long with font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing.



Currently working with:

  • Case discussion: Doris (you can find the text and questions on Unikum.
  • Wings 9, section 1 page 32. Text: The death penalty.
  • Write an argumentative text about the death penalty.


  • Vocabulary work

  • Crime in books

  • Famous prisons & famous criminals


  • The death penalty: right or wrong?

  • [Case discussion: Doris]

  • Crime dramas on TV



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