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Chapter 2 Ready Steady Go 2

Skapad 2017-11-23 12:54 i Heby Gymnasium Heby
Grundskola F Engelska
In chapter 2 we meet Danielle, Josh, Steven and Brenda from the United Kingdom (UK). We learn new words and practise: - Describing people and places. - High numbers - Adjectives - Comparing


We will work with chapter 2 People and places during weeks 48 and 50.
- Pp. 12-17 in the book + online exercises + extra wordlists & excercises.
There are more exercises with the adjectives in Grammar Passport 1:
- pp. 26-29.
- Youtube video on adjectives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYF1EOQn9KM&list=PL0UUfhIk84HEykPwUlyWNPZDSEtGrf4qR&index=13&t=4s

At the end of week 50 you will check your knowledge online.


  • Adjectives in Grammar Passport 1

  • Adjectives in Grammar Passport 1

  • Check yourself Chapter 2