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Eng 6B section 3

Skapad 2017-12-09 19:46 i Stordammens skola Uppsala
Grundskola F
Planering i engelska t.o.m. vecka 2 2018.


Planning sheet English 6, section 3
    Homework Text of the day How to work with it/after reading it
w 47 Mon   workbook p. 52-53  
  Tue   TEST; reading  
  Thu   TB p. 48-49 Write down facts
w 48 Mon   TB p. 52-53 read it out loud in pairs
  Tue   Test: listening  
  Thu text + words (TB p. 48-49): settle, immigrant, inhabitant, originally, the Caribbean, landmark, tall, lift, view, dare, enough, official language (12 st) TB p. 50 - 51 translate into Swedish the part about August 15th
w 49 Mon   TB p. 54-55 listen and answer the questions. Play memory with all the words.
  Tue   workbook  
  Thu text + words (TB p. 50-51): though, huge, promise-promised-promised, downtown, waterfront, lake, manage-managed-managed, have a chat, exhibition, busy (10 st) TB p. 58-59 Make your own timetable.
w 50 Mon   TB p. 56-57 read it out loud in pairs
  Tue   workbook  
  Thu words (TB p. 58-59): timetable, pupil, subject, chemistry, car mechanics, unusual, tutor, assembly, term, art & crafts, social science, physics (12 st) TB p. 60-61 Play memory with all the words.
w 2 Mon   WB p. 53-54  
  Tue   TB p 62 Discuss in pairs: what is the song about?
  Thu all 18 words (TB p. 60-61) TB p. 68 - 69 Write down facts
    Jeanette: 070-637 69 68, jeanette.olsson@skola.uppsala.se