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Adopt a city

Skapad 2018-01-25 10:00 i Rotskärsskolan 7-9 Älvkarleby
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
You are going to "adopt" a city and get to know it from all different kinds of aspects.


Teaching in English should essentially give pupils the opportunities to develop their ability to:

  • understand and interpret the content of spoken English and in different types of texts,
  • express themselves and communicate in speech and writing,
  • use language strategies to understand and make themselves understood,
  • adapt language for different purposes, recipients, and contexts, and
  • reflect on living conditions, social and cultural phenomena in different contexts and parts of the world where English is used. 



You’re going to “adopt” a small town in an English-speaking country. You'll find the instructions down below.

Mandatory assignments – find out the following:

  • How the nature that surrounds your town look like - farmlands, forests, industries, mountains, lakes, rivers, plains, prairie etc.
  • How many people live in the town and how many works there
  • How people live – farms, apartments, houses, large villas etc.
  • If there’s a sports team
  • What the town's newspaper is called
  • How the town is governed – mayor, governor or in another way
  • How many schools there are and of what kind – elementary, high school, college…


If you’re aiming for a higher grade, I also want you to find out and do the following assignments:

  • What kind of jobs there are
  • Choose an elementary school and check how many students go there, what subjects they take etc.
  • Read the local newspaper online each day for a week and take notes of the most important events
  • Look at the main street and find out what’s going on there and what stores you can find
  • If the town has an interesting history – it could be from the civil war, about the native Americas or something else.



Use the information you have gathered and prepare a 5-10 minutes long presentation. You can choose to make a PowerPoint presentation or a movie using any programme.

When you gather information about your town don’t forget to use Google Earth to get as good a view as possible over the surroundings. You may save screenshots over places you find especially interesting, for example, the main street, the school, parks etc. Make sure to only use allowed or official pictures.

Search YouTube for videos from your town.

Compare your town with Skutskär, Älvkarleby or Gävle and write down your thoughts about the differences and similarities, for example, the school system, everyday life, economy, health care.


You are going to write a Letter of Introduction and e-mail it to the city’s mayor, police chief, the principal or another person in a leading position. In the letter, you are supposed to tell a little about yourself and the project you are writing about. Take the opportunity to ask questions in the letter and use the answers you get in your work.



I’m going to assess your ability to:

·         - to compile fact and information

·        -  to adapt your language to the receiver

·         - to tell and describe in English

·     - analyse how it is to live in your city compared to your hometown


·        -  be critical of the sources




  • Presentation of the "Adopt a city"-project.

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