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What Makes Me Happy?

Skapad 2018-02-06 09:04 i Enheten för flerspråkighet grundskola Uppsala
Grundskola F – 2
Using the text "What makes me happy" by Catherine and Laurence Anholt we will explore emotion vocabulary. We will focus on developing the vocabulary necessary to recognise and express a range of feelings in English. Major themes are happiness, gratitude, sadness, fear and anger.


For the weeks of January and February we will be expolring our emotions.

A range of teaching materials will be used (Pictures, video shorts, poetry and the text mentioned above).

Focus of skill development:

This term I will be focussing more on writing skills (phoneme to grapheme correspondance, letter formation, word order and positional level grammar. I will give feedback to  students on the sucess of TRANSMITTING THEIR MESSAGE IN WRITING to an English person rather than on spelling accuracy. For early stage writers they will progress through a number of levels of skill in this time - for example:

Tracing my writing, copying from my writing on their work, copying from sheets to the side, copying from the board and writing to dictation (where Words are spelled out in phones and letter names.

Children will be encouraged to 'free write' as much as possible and they can read it back to me.


In January we will focus on Gratitude, making Thank You cards for people who have been kind to us.

I will introduce the concept of 'The Gratitude diary' and consider who might feel grateful to us?

We will read the book and discuss what makes us happy etc.

In February we will focus on Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and love.

When do we feel most happy? How do people know when we are happy?

When do we feel sad? How do people know when we feel sad? What do we do? What Comforts us? makes us feel better? (we explore actions and consequences here). We explore the possible outcomes of comfort (can you have too much chocolate? can you have too many hugs?)

When do we feel angry? How do people know we are angry? Here we talk about the difference between feelings and behaviour and continue our actions an consequences discussions. We talk about possible outcomes of expressing our anger in different ways (biting, hitting, shouting and telling someone exactly how we feel, we also explore the idea of finding solutions to what made us angry).

Finally, we will talk about love, in time for Valentines day.

What is love? what does it feel like? who loves us? who do we love?

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