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Number the stars, week 6-11, 8T1

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Grundskola 9 Engelska


Week 6

Number the Stars

  • You will find the e-book on the following page:

  • You are suppose to read  4-5 chapters every week and answer questions. I would like you to send your answers to SHOWBIE (code: AGFDQ)
  • You will also have some words as homework until every week. You will find them  on användarnamn: varlaengelska9.
  • You will also be responsible for one chapter each. You are suppose to summarise the chapter and write/choose a question that you will discuss with your friends. This will take 5 minutes, maximum.


Chapter One: Why Are You running?

  1. Listen to chapter one.
  2. Answer the questions and talk about the plot. 


  1. Describe the characters.
  2. Where are we in time, country,
  3. What is going on in society


Chapter Two: Who is the Man That Rides Past?


  1. What are some hardships faced by the Danish people because of the war?
  2. How was King Christian different than others kings?
  3. Why didn't the Danish army fight the Germans when they invaded Denmark?
  4. Do you think King Christian did the right thing by surrendering to the Nazis?


Week 8

  • Read/listen and answer the questions to the following chapters
  • Alvina will summarise chapter 1
  • Jenny will summarise chapter 2
  • Homework until week 9 are the words ( varlaengelska9) and have done everything 


Chapter Three: Where is Mrs. Hirsch?


1. What did Annemarie realize about her friend Ellen after Peter's visit?

2. What items were being rationed? Why?

3. What happened to Mrs. Hirsch?

4. Why did the girls always take a different route to school?

5. Explain the following sentence from page 25 of the novel:

"All of Denmark must be bodyguards for the Jews..." Annemarie said.


Week 9


  • Read/listen and answer the questions to the following chapters: 4-6
  • Lowe will summarise chapter 3
  • Agnes will summarise chapter 4

Chapter Four: It Will Be a long Night

1. How did the Germans find out the names of the Danish Jews?

2. What were the "booms and lights in the sky" on Kirti's birthday?

3. Why was the Tivoli Gardens important to the Danes of Copenhagen?

4. Why would Annemarie and Ellen need to pretend that they are sisters?

5. Do you think it was a good idea for the Johansen's to let Ellen stay with them? Explain your answer.

6. Before reading chapter 5 please read the title and then write a few lines about what you think will happen in this chapter.


Chapter Five: Who is the Dark-Haired One?


1. Why did the German soldiers come to the Johansen's apartment looking for the Rosen's?

2. How did Mr. Johansen convince the German soldiers that Ellen was not a Jewish girl hiding?

3. Why was it important that Ellen remove her Star of David necklace?

4. Why had Mr. and Mrs. Johansen not looked at Lise's things since the accident?

Week 10


  • Read/listen and answer the questions to the following chapters: 9-11
  • Estelle will summarise chapter 5
  • Tobias will summarise chapter 6
  • Homework until week 11 will be number the stars 2

Chapter Six: Is the Weather Good for Fishing?

1. What made Annemarie realize that her father was speaking in code to her uncle? What was their conversation really about?

2. Why did they travel to uncle Henrik's house?

3. Why do you think the Danes spoke in code words?

Week 11


  • Read/listen and answer the questions to the following chapters:7-10
  • Stina will summarise chapter 7
  • Max will summarise chapter 8
  • Olivia will summarise chapter 9
  • Marcus will summarise chapter 10
  • Homework until week 12 are the words ( varlaengelska9-number the stars 3) and have done everything 

Chapter Seven: The House By the Sea

1. What did Annemarie do with Ellen's necklace?

2. What does the sea represent for Ellen and her family?


Chapter Eight: There has Been a Death

1. Why was Annemarie  surprised by Uncle Henrik's announcement that there was to be a funeral?

2. What is the old custom when someone dies? what did the family have to do to prepare for the funeral?

3. What did uncle Henrik mean when he said, "Tomorrow will be a good day for fishing"?

4. Why, when his sister and his nieces were visiting, would uncle Henrik spend the whole night on his boat?



Chapter Nine: Why are you lying?

1. What does Annemarie learn about bravery in her talk with Uncle Henrik?

2. Who do you think the people arriving for the funeral really are?

3. Why did Mrs. Johansen and Uncle Henrik create the "death" of an Aunt Birte?


Chapter Ten: Let Us Open the Casket

1. How did Mrs. Johansen stop the German soldiers from looking in the casket?

2. Why was Peter's reading from the Bible so important?

3. What do you think is really in the casket?


Week 12

  • Måns will summarise chapter 11
  • Read chapter 12-14
  • Livia will summarise chapter 12
  • Bianca will summarise chapter13
  • Elvira will summarise chapter14
  • Read/listen and answer the questions to chapter 15
  • Ronja will summarise chapter 15
  • Homework until week 13 are the words ( varlaengelska9-number the stars 4) and have done everything 



Chapter Eleven: Will We See You Again Soon, Peter?

1. Where were the Rosens and the other strangers going?

2. What did Peter give the baby and why?

3. What was the purpose of Aunt Birte's funeral?

  • Read chapter 12-13 (there will be no questions to these chapters)



  • Read chapter 14-15
  • Answer questions to chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen: My Dog Smells Meat

1. What was in the basket that helped fool the Germans into thinking it was Uncle Henrik's lunch?

2. Why was it good that Annemarie did not know what was in the basket?

3. Why do you think the German soldiers stopped Annemarie?


Week 13

  • Read chapter 16-17 and answer the questions
  • Liam will summarise chapter 16
  • John will summarise chapter 17

Chapter Sixteen: I Will Tell You Just a Little

1. What did Annemarie learn about Peter from Uncle Henrik? What were the two clues that should have clued Annemarie in about Peter?

2. What was Uncle Henrik's explanation for each of the following.

  • Annemarie not seeing the Rosen's in the boat
  • The use of a drug on the baby
  • The handkerchief

3. What would have happened if Annemarie had not gotten the handkerchief to Uncle Henrik?


Chapter Seventeen: All This Long Time

1. What happened to Peter?

2. What did Annemarie learn about Lise?

3. What does Annemarie wearing Ellen's necklace show?


Week 15

Imagine that your are a journalist and your mission is to write articles for the newspaper De Frie Danske. Chose something from the book, something that you found interesting, amazing, dangerous...and then write an article.

Your article should contain:

  • Minimum 200 words maximum 500 words
  • Times New Roman, 14
  • Picture or pictures 





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