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A Sustainable Future

Skapad 2018-03-20 11:01 i Olandsskolan Östhammar
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Grundskola 6 – 9 Engelska
You have probably heard about climate change and that it is important that we all do what we can in order to have a sustainable future. But which problems are there that cause climate change and what can we actually do about it, as indivuduals or as states?




- improving your vocabulary about environmental issues and sustainable development

- discuss opinions and thoughts about questions that are important

- expand your knowledge about the way of life in different parts of the English speaking world. 


How we will work:

1. What do we already know about these issues? - talking activity

2. Vocabulary exercise. 15 pictures about environmental issues. Grammar subject verb agreement.

3. Clio-online Global - Challenges - Environmental Issues. Text and quiz.

4. Environmental issues. Work with one issue in pairs or groups of three. Present your issue to the rest of the class. 


5. Read articles on about indigenous people in America and the way they are affected by the climate change. Discuss the articles and try to find out how the indigenous people of Sweden is affected by the climate change.




Arbetsblad om passiv form på temat

Environmental Vocabulary for English Learners. - short films, worksheets, links... 


What will be assessed:

oral interaction

oral presentation

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