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The National test, Spring semester of 2018

Skapad 2018-03-26 11:47 i Sannarpsgymnasiet Halmstad
Gymnasieskola Engelska
This is where you can find instructions, information and dates for the national test of English 5 that will be held during the spring term of 2018. Make sure to be on time!


The national test is divided into three parts:

Speaking - The test is done in class

A test where you will sit with 1-2 classmates and discuss something specific. You will get 15 minutes to prepare for the test, by reading the instructions in the test papers, taking some notes and thinking through what you want to say about the topic. You will then have the discussion with your Group. The test takes 15 minutes (preparation) + 15 minutes (the actual test) and is recorded. 

What is it we are looking specifically at?

  • Your communication skills: how you interact with people (commenting on what they say,  agreeing or disagreeing, making the conversation "move forward")
  • Your language; grammar and vocabulary and if you have a good flow in your language (pronunciation and fluency), if you express yourself in a varied way
  • The contents - if you are able to discuss something thoroughly or just on the Surface. Try to explain what you mean and say more than just "This is what I think." 

Writing - DATE: 25th of april, 80 minutes

You will write an essay about something specific. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and to organize your Writing Before starting to write.

What is it we are looking at?

  • Your language; grammar and vocabulary  and if you have a good flow in your language (fluency)
  • The contents - if you are able to write about something in a thorough or just shallow  way. Try to explain and give examples of what you mean and say more than just "This is what I think." 
  • The structure - if you can write so that the reader becomes interested and easily can follow your thoughts. If you have correct paragraphs and punctuation.

Reading and listening comprehension - DATE: 4th of May, 90+50 minutes

The reading and listening tests are 90 minutes and 50 minutes long. You will get a 20 minute break in between. Here your reading and listening skills are tested and it is important that you try to write as clearly as possible. Spelling errors are not affecting your grades as much here. 

If you click on this link you can get to some examples of old national tests to see what they look like: click here!




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National tests - English 5

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