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Welcome to English 5!

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Gymnasieskola Engelska
On this page you will read about what you have to do before you start your English 5 course. You are looking at an intense ten weeks, so make sure you read the instructions on this page very carefully. You will read the course description and knowledge requirements, you will familiarize yourself with our textbook and the rules concerning plagiarism and cheating. Most of the materials are in Swedish - but, no worries, after this the only language we will be using is English. I look forward to working with you and I wish you the best of luck!


This is what you have to do at the beginning of the course:

First of all, activate your course here: (mandatory)

  1. Buy the textbook! Our textbook is Solid Gold 1 by Eva Hedencrona, Karin Smed-Gerdin, Peter Watcyn-Jones.

    Recommended version > Solid Gold 1 Don't you want to have the printed book? You can order a one-year digital license instead here > Digitalbok 

  2. Activate your digital product as soon as possible ("Aktivera det digitala läromedlet")! The instructions can be found on the inside cover of the printed book. Grammar and extra vocabulary exercises can only be done online. If you bought the digital license (Digitalbok) you will probably get the instructions via e-mail. 

  3. Make sure you have Microsoft Office Word, Office 365, and an internet connection on your computer. This is very important if you are studying at home (distans-undervisning). You will use microsoft word for writing the assignments and unit tests you have to submit during the course. Make sure you also have a recorder (on your phone or computer), as you will sometimes be required to send in recordings.
  4. Read the course description (Engelska 5) and the attached document "Ämnesplan Engelska 5" (where you can see how our textbook is connected to the course description - "läromedlets koppling till ämnesplanen").
  5. Read the course requirements ("kunskapskrav") attached. This is important in order to know how your performance during the course will be evaluated. 
  6. Please have a look at the rules regarding tests, plagiarism and cheating - documents attached. 

We have lessons on Tuesdays from 9.00 to 12.00 and then from 13.00 to 15.00. Everyone is welcome!


  • Ämnesplan Engelska 5

  • Kunskapskrav

  • Regler vid skrivningar

  • Regler gällande fusk och plagiat

  • Timetable

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