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Schindler´s List - film review

Skapad 2018-09-18 10:37 i Duveds skola Åre
Grundskola F
Follow the plan below. /Hans


Schindler’s List - film review


Expected improvements


You will improve your written English and more specifically argumentation and ways of describing the well known.


During lessons 


We will watch the movie and during class we will discuss all three parts below, planting ideas on what to write and how.


Basic plot – Keep this part very short, no details just the basic story line. 


Characters – Who is the most important or interesting person in this film? Describe his/her life, relations to others, occupation etc.


Argumentative part


This part will concern a more holistic approach to this film. To prepare for this you can practise by doing exercise 2, p.29 in workbook. Those expressions will give you a good start on how to introduce ideas.


Hints! Since this is a descriptive way of writing it is essential to use lots of adjectives and do not hesitate to use dictionaries or ask for advice. When you believe that you are done, read the review once more and try to improve your text just to give it a little more edge.




Again, exercise 2, p.29, workbook + the list of words given during class.


Your grade depends on







We will talk about differences between

E, C and A, during class.


Good luck, young student!