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EN 8D Of Mice and Men

Skapad 2018-10-09 16:18 i Åsö grundskola Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola F Engelska
A gripping novel set in the Depression-era America, when times were tough. People lost their jobs, lost their savings and had to go on the road looking for manual work on farms. The future was uncertain and hope was rare. You will get to know George and Lennie, friends, drifters, dreamers, and read and discuss their tragic story.


Week 39



“Walking dictation”- Read and remember (Activboard)

Literary terms- (litterära termer)

Introduction of the characters-take notes!

a) Write descriptions to 4 terms - start with “plot”

b) Describe 4 other terms to your friend in English… your friend should guess.

Homework: Literary terms

                                                                                       Week 40


Test: Literary terms

Vocab “sycamore…” + The book-intro + Listen (CD). We listen together to P. 35

Questions to Ch. 1 (Activboard) (p. 1- 38). 

Retell what you´ve heard to your friend.



Discuss questions to Ch 1

Check vocab “skinner…” before we Listen to Ch 2    (P. 19—42)

Write a short summary of the first parts of the book. Use some 150 words.

Homework: Read one more chapter at home.

                                                                                       Week 41


Read your summary in groups

Discussion in class- what has happened this far?

Task 4: Portraits-We write facts about the characters. Use the character sheet!

Discuss characters in class – take notes? Quizlet questions

Read the book+ work with exercises

Homework: Read to P.83 (Red book) P.  95 (Grey book)



Quizlet Questions

Read the book+ work with exercises

Homework: Finish reading the book

                                                                                       Week 42

Wednesday:   Symbols in the novel + FILM                              


Thursday:         FILM

                                                                                       Week 43

Wednesday:   FILM + Essay Writing (E/C/A                             


Thursday:         Continue- Essay Writing (E/C/A)