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Create your own theatre play!

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During the next few weeks, you are going to create and perform a play in a group of 2-3 people.


How to write your play 

  • start with an idea. The idea will help you create the plot - what happens in the story. The play can be about something that really happened or about something fictional. 
  • think about the conflict - the main problem the characters face 

A play usually goes like this: 

  1. in the beginning, the characters face a conflict 
  2. the characters try to solve the problem 
  3. what the characters are doing leads to a turning point - where everything can go back to normal again, or everything can become 
  4. a conclusion - that shows the audience how things end 

You will write a manuscript that will include: 

1. characters - who are the people in the play? 

2. setting - where and when is the play happening? 

3. the dialogue - what are the characters saying/doing? 


Here are some ideas to get you started: 

- a play that shows what happens after two people bump into each other 

- a play where a character is fighting two different voices in their head 

- a play in which an important discussion takes place 

- a play that happens on board of a ship 

- a play where the main characters are gods 

- a play in which the characters are actually toys 

- a play that starts with the sentence: "I love you. At least, I think I do." 

- a play about creating a play 

- a play about an important issue you feel strongly about 

- a play that ends with the line "I don't remember anyone asking for your opinion." 

- a play that is set on another planet 

- a play that is set in the depths of the ocean 

- a play where the characters have to make an important decision 


The play should be between 3-4 minutes long. 


  • Play Manuscript

Kopplingar till läroplanen

  • Centralt innehåll
  • Aktuella och för eleverna välbekanta ämnesområden.
    En  7-9
  • Intressen, vardagliga situationer, aktiviteter, händelseförlopp samt relationer och etiska frågor.
    En  7-9
  • Muntliga och skriftliga berättelser, beskrivningar och instruktioner.
    En  7-9
  • Språkliga företeelser för att förtydliga, variera och berika kommunikationen som uttal, intonation och fasta språkliga uttryck, grammatiska strukturer och satsbyggnad.
    En  7-9
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