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Boost - chap 1

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Grundskola F Engelska
Planering - kapitel 1





1. Listening - A - I could have died - p 6-8.

2. Study and learn the words p 6

3. Work on Words p 8-9.

4. One more time - Listen, p 10

5. Boost your English -

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation? What was it?

What is a dangerous situation you have seen in a Movie or read in a book?

Did the person survive?




6. Reading B - The Inventor who didnt know he was an inventor

Study the Words and match them with the correct definition, p 11

7. Read the story p 12.

8. Did you get it? p 13

9. Improve your vocabulary. Study and learn the Words, p 13.

10. Work on Words p 14.

11. Read the story again. What will happened next? Choose the correct answers. p 16

12. Boost your English:

What is your favorite flavor ice pop?

If you could invent something what would it be?

What do you Think are some of the best inventions through history?

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