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Skapad 2018-12-12 16:06 i Hålabäcksskolan B Kungsbacka Förskola & Grundskola
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If you were a superheroe/superheroine what superpowers would you like to have?



 Eng åk 7               VT-19 ElBri

If you were a Superheroe/superheroine what skills would you like to have?

X-ray vision? Controlling the weather? Invisible? Master the oceans? Turning sand into water? The list can be very long.

Before you chose your superpowers it is important that you think globally! What skills do the world need in times of climate changes, war and conflicts, terror and human trafficking, poverty, migration and economic imbalance globally.


We will study a large number of words that you may need when explaining your skills and your abilities. Good to know if/when you are applying for a job abroad. I am creating a quizlet with the words.

Talking. We will have discussions in smaller groups before you make up your mind about what superheroe/heroine you will create.

We will watch and listen to some TED-talks about what the future demands from us.

You will also write about the heroe/heroine you´ve chosen and explain the reasons why. You can do that in Word, Pages or Comic Head as a comic strip.

Create your heroe/heroine in Ibis Paint or other app. Or on paper.


The final result will be an exibition in the aula for everyone to see.


Best of luck!






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