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Flitiga Lisa, Warm kitchen 14-15/1 - LSU

Skapad 2019-01-08 09:40 i Sth hotell och restaurangskola Stockholm Gymnasieskolor
Gymnasieskola Måltids- och branschkunskap
Flitiga Lisa, Warm kitchen 14-15/1 - LSU


RL18 D


Monday 14/1

Veal stock

Kitchen run through


Tuesday 15/1

Groups of three


·         Chicken dish, to the store in food boxes 8 per group

·         Black currant jelly, for next week, reheat any leftovers, strain and keep in a covered container for the coming week

·         Debone 3 chickens per group. Per chicken: 2 breasts,

4 lollipops – wings, 2 drum sticks, 2 deboned thighs

·         Fillet one plaice each

·         ½ the groups makes chicken stock and the other fish stock who also strains and reduces the veal stock



Groups Tuesday:


Iris, Cassandra & Malcolm

Ara, Erik & Teo

Oliver, Benjamin & Mio

Johannes, Matilda & Emrik

Malte, Leia & Adrian

Filippa, William & Alfred

Filip, Astrid, Sid & Leo






















Roasted Chicken with deep fried lollipops, cream sauce, pan fried carrots, black currant jelly, pickled cucumber & fried potatoes


Roasted Chicken, 2 chickens per group – 8 food boxes


Wipe the chicken dry, inside & outside, season with S&P

Fill the Chicken with a 1/2 onion in pieces, some parsley stems, 2 bay leaves, 2 lemon slices & 10 whole white pepper corns Tie the chicken & brush with melted butter before adding placing the chicken on a service tray.

Bake it at 175 degrees for 10 minutes on one side, thighs upwards, and another 10 minutes other thigh side upwards, brushing with any liquid & butter from the tray, before lowering the heat to 140 degrees and bake the chicken, breast upwards, until inner tempertures of the thighs are at 72 degrees.

Rest for 20 minutes before cutting the chicken.




300 g mirepoix                                         1,5 l Veal/chicken stock

Trimmings                                                3 dl cream 40%

Thyme                                                      Blue cheese

Bay leaves                                                Jelly

Whole white pepper

60 gram wheat flour


Roast the mirepoix, trimmings & seasoning in oil in a wide pan until it is golden brown, dust with the flour and let the flour get some color(dark roux)

Add stock and cream, reduce until good texture before adding S&P. Use  blue cheese &jelly to balance sweetness and the cheese makes a complex  rich salty full bodied flavour




Black currant jelly

In a small round plastic container with lid

1 liter Black currants
1 dl water
9 dl sugar(syltsocker)/liter liquid
2 tsp Pectine


·        Boil the black currants & water for 3 minutes before straing it and really try to get all the liquid through the chinoise.

·        Measure the juice and calculate the amount of sugar you need

·        Reheat the juice until the sugar is dissolved and stir inthe pectine


Lollipops – scraped chicken wings, breaded & deep fried

Pan fried carrots

”Pressgurka” - In a small round plastic container with lid

Fried potatoes, Pommes rissole – 2 kg per group