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English assignement Music instructions.


Assignment English



Music. Everyone likes music. In this assignment, you will get the chance to write a bit about a musician you like and practice interpretation of the lyrics of a song.


Follow the instructions below:

1.  Choose an artist (a musician) that you like. Look at your Spotify or YouTube to be inspired. He/she/they must sing and write in English.


2.   Research him or her. What is the artist’s real name? Where is he or she from? Write down a short introduction about the artist in English in your notebook.


3.     Choose one of the artist’s songs that you like. Which song have you chosen?__________________________________________________


4.     Why did you choose that song? Explain why you like it in your notebook.


5.     Now find the lyrics of the song. Write them down in your notebook:


6.     Now translate the lyrics into Swedish. Do your very best. Use or if you need to look up words.


7.     Analysis. Time to take the lyrics and write your own analysis of the text. Try to write as much as possible. Your own ideas, thoughts and reflections are important. Use the questions below if you need.

What does the song mean?

What do you feel when you listen to the song? Why?

What does the artist want with the song?

What does the words mean? Why did the artist choose those words?

Does the artist use synonyms / repetitions / metaphors or similies?

When did you hear the song for the first time?


Write in your notebook. If you have access to a computer, you are now going to create a power point where you present your artist, write the translation, the interpretation, and your analysis. Add pictures if you like.


Good luck!

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