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Love poetry

Skapad 2019-02-10 17:42 i Olandsskolan Östhammar
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Love Poetry


Hi students in class 8C!

This week, week 7, we will focus on love poems and poetry. You will have two lessons to finish this task.

What I want you to do is to search on the Internet in order to find poems you like. You can work alone or in pairs. Collect a few poems you like or if you feel like it you could try to write a poem yourself.

After having selected a few poems you underline difficult words and translate them to Swedish. Then it is time to do the poster (A3-size). You copy the poems, underline difficult words, maybe write a small wordlist next to the poem. Don't forget to write the poet's name. Also add you personal touch to your poster by doing illustrations. drawings etc.

  1. search for poems you like - you can use the words: "love poems" when you do your search
    you try to write at least one poem yourself

  2. You translate the poem, underline difficult words, make a wordlist, interpret the poem

  3. Give some information about the poet/poets

  4. Start working on your poster - write down the poems you have chosen together with explanations, wordlists, information about the poet etc. Add illustrations and drawings

  5. The work should be finished by Friday 15 February at the latest.

  6. The posters will be collected and hung on a wall for display.

Good luck! //  Maria

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