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VT21 Grade 6 English

Skapad 2019-03-14 22:57 i Torpskolan Lerum
English spring grade 6
Grundskola 6 Engelska
English is used worldwide and therefore we need to know more aobut other English-speaking countries.


Planner Spring 2021

This term we will use Good Stuff A and Wings 6 as our main sources. We will learn about English-speaking countries, animals, food and grammar. 

We will have homework each week. I will write them on If you search on sargus1014partille, you will find the vocabulary/phrases. To see the detailed plans for each week you click on the link below. We also use Google Classroom for all the documents we use. 

There will be smaller tests during the term that check the four abilities: listening, writing, speaking and reading.


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