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The World Heritage

Skapad 2019-05-07 09:13 i Hålabäcksskolan B Kungsbacka Förskola & Grundskola
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There are 1092 places considered to be of outstanding beauty and importance to us humans - our World Heritage. Pick one and explain why you believe this site is worth saving.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

There are 1092 places in the world considered to be of outstanding value for all humanity. They are our worldheritage. No damage or exploitation is allowed on these sites. Although some of the sites have been bombed and destroyed in war and terrorattacks by, among others, ISIS.


·      Choose a site and explain why the site is worth saving. Take the UNESCO criterias as help if you like.

·      Don´t forget to combine photo and text in a stunning way so we all understand why the site you´ve chosen should be protected for all future.

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