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The Media - Does It Influence Us?

Skapad 2019-08-25 20:00 i Fuxernaskolan Lilla Edet
Wings red - The Media -
Grundskola 8 Engelska
The media is all around us. How does it affect us? We will read texts about about the media, as well as watch videos concerning different aspects of it and think about how it influences us.


Why the Media?

Different media are all around us. Constantly. Wherever we turn, we see pictures, read news and other types of information, as well as watch videos, TV shows and films. Is this a good thing? Are we affected by this? It is important to reflect on these things in order to be able to be critical and not automatically fall for everything that you see or read.


During this unit you will read different kinds of texts, as well as practise your listening, writing and speaking skills. Certain lessons everyone will be working on the same assignment, and other lessons there will be different tasks to choose from.


Can We Trust the Media?

What do you see on this picture? What are your thoughts about it?



The Power of Advertisements


Watch the YouTube video. What are your reactions? Is photoshopped bodies something that we see in our daily lives? If yes, where? What do you think of photoshopped pictures?

The 'ideal' woman 



Social media

What do you see on this picture? What are your thoughts about it?


Five social media musts for teens



  • Teens and smartphones (extra reading)

  • The Power of Advertising (in the classroom)

  • Homework Friday Week 38

  • What media do you use?

  • The media is all around us - pros and cons

  • Reading and writing (Wings Red): The Outside Chance

  • Reading and writing (Wings Red): Famous magazines

  • Reading and writing (Learning English Teens BBC): FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

  • Reading and writing (LA Times): Are video games bad for kids?

  • Reading and writing (The Guardian): An impossible standard?

  • Writing: Social media - important or just a pain?

  • Writing (extra): Advertising

  • Speaking