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How to write a letter

Skapad 2019-09-08 16:54 i Erikslundsgymnasiet Borlänge
Gymnasieskola Engelska
Uppgiften innehåller information om hur du skriver ett informellt brev. Följ strukturen och skriv ett brev.


How to write a letter 


Start your letter in a suitable way. (Hello, Dear Mr/ Mrs/ Miss..) 


First paragraph: Introduce yourself and say something 

about why you are writing this letter. 


Following paragraphs: Ask any questions you might 

Have or give your information 


Final paragraph: A conclusion where you summarise 

what you have said, thank the recipient for their time, wish 

the recipient well and state if you would like for the 

recipient to respond soon. 


End your letter. (Love, Kindest Regards, Best wishes..) 



Think about: polite, positive, structure, language. 




  • Assignment 2 An informal Letter

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