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Do Not Pass Go

Skapad 2019-09-10 15:20 i Hagagymnasiet Borlänge
Gymnasieskola Engelska
You will read a text, practice conversing about it and using each other as help to better understand the text. You will also learn new words from the text.



You are going to read a text called Do Not Pass Go, by Jeffery Archer. Before you read you will discuss the question at the top of the document.

You need to read the text at least twice to be sure you have fully understood everything. Look up the words you don't know.


After reading: Sit in your groups and discuss the questions. Everybody must speak so you will need to come well prepared for when it's time for your discussion. It's important that you all take turns in keeping the discussion going. Go through all the points in the document. I will sit and listen but not take an active part, YOU are the active participants, I am only an observer.


After the discussion you need to think about who spoke the most, why the others spoke less and what you could have done to level it out more.