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Gymnasieskola Engelska
The plan for Eng 6 Fall Term


Fall Term English 6 


Week 35-39 


Essay writing, how to write an essay. 

Examination: write a 5-paragraph essay. 

Week 35: Introductions + the topic Sentence 

Week 36:  

Tuesday: Topic sentence continue working with the handout. 

The supporting sentence + Concluding sentence. 

Wednesday: Writing a paragraph of 15 sentences 

Week 37: 

 Tuesday Peer review  

Wednesday: Peer Review Additional hand out on Unity and Coherence if you are done 

Week 38:  

Essay structure the basics of essay writing. From paragraph to essay. 

Tuesday: The different types of paragraphs 

Wednesday Begin working on a “5-paragraph essay.” 


Week 39: Keep working on the essay 

Tuesday: Essay Writing: Transition Signals what are those? How do you use them? 

Wednesday: Essay Writing:  Continue Writing 


Week 40: Deadline Essay Writing Sunday 

Tuesday: Try to have finished your final body paragraph 

Wednesday: Write the conclusion, ask a friend to peer review your text. 

You will be assessed and receive feedforward within at least 2 weeks after you have handed in your text. Your text will be assessed either as adequate, or you may have to work more with the essay. Then you will also receive some feedforward, with positive aspects and something you may need to look at further.  The start of week 41 there should be some grammar work from a selection of student sentences.  




Week 41-45 The Future: Sustainability: Sustainable Living in a Sustainable World. 

The Future: Learn about urban planning + discussions + Group Work: Neighborhood of the Future. For this moment we are going to investigate points in the future. 

Week 41 


Tuesday: Work with grammar: Student “errors” + The future tense. Present the Project about the future. Discuss with your peers what the future is. Make a mind map, what you think the world will look like in 50 years? 

Wednesday: Perspectives of the Future: Look at some video presentations about different future projects. Word list about Urban/Rural living areas. 


Week 42: 

Tuesday: Begin with group project Neighborhood of the future 

Wednesday: Continue Group work 


Week 43: 

Tuesday: Continue working 



Week 44: Fall Break 


Week 45: 

Presentations of your Neighborhoods. 

You will present in front of your teacher who may ask some follow up questions about your neighborhood. 


Weeks 46-51 Literature 

Examination: Writing about literature – We are going to work with short stories, one lesson per short story. After that we are going to pick a short story from a selection of stories and analyze that one. 

First, we will learn about how we analyze literature, by looking at some of the literary elements. 

Week 47  

The basics of literary Analysis 

Tuesday: Introduction + Read The Selfish Giant work with the text. Focus on Symbol. 

Wednesday: Read about Things Fall Apart + work with the text. Focus on Theme. 


Tuesday Read Short story about war + Work with the text. Focus on Metaphor. 

Wednesday: Read from Pride and Prejudice + Work with the text. Focus on Tone. 

Week 49 

Begin working with the literary analysis,  

Read a short story that you will later a analyze in class. 

Week 50:  

Work with the Short Story Analysis Deadline by the end of this week. 


Week 51:  

Tuesday: Extra Work?? 

Wednesday: Winter Holidays crafts session. \o/ 


After winter holidays. 

Drama: begin working with literary history – continues through the spring term 

The Antique Era + The Renaissance Era and Post War Era 

Aristotle’s Poetics and The Eternal Tragedy – Read about Aristotle’s theory on tragedy and apply it on a play.