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Clothes and Fashion

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Grundskola 7 Engelska
During this period we will work with clothes, fashion and appearance.


Why Clothes and Fashion?

Is fashion something that you find interesting? Is it something that you think you know nothing about? Clothes are all around us. Some people think that trends are fun, or maybe even important. Others just wear what they feel like. Some people have ideas about what people should wear. Others don't care at all. Some people feel that your appearance is everything. Others say that it is the inside that matters. What do you think? Working with clothes and fashion will give you the vocabulary to discuss these issues.



To improve the ability to speak, write, read and listen to texts about clothes and fashion.


In the classroom

We will:

- Work with words that have to do with clothes and fashion.

- Practise listening to spoken English about clothes and fashion.

- Practise speaking by preparing and presenting an interview about clothes and fashion.

- Practise reading by working with texts about clothes and fashion.

- Practise writing by writing a text about clothes and/or fashion.



- An interview

- An essay/written text

- A reading comprehension test



fashion                                 mode

wear                                      ha på sig

should borde

appearance                          utseende

matter                                   ha betydelse

vocabulary                            ordförråd

discuss                                 diskutera

issues                                   ämnen; frågor

improve                                förbättra

ability                                    förmåga

practise                                 öva

assessment                          bedömning

interview                               intervju

essay                                     uppsats

reading comprehension      läsförståelse



  • The Best of Everything

  • The Best of Everything

  • Shop till You Drop

  • Vocabulary

  • Shop till You Drop

  • Vocabulary

  • Let´s Talk Fashion



  • Let´s Talk Fashion

  • What I usually wear and what influences me

  • Reading (very hard): Make Your Own Clothing

  • Reading: Can you describe them?

  • Homework week 48

  • Homework for Thursday week 47

  • Practise words for accessories

  • Homework Thursday week 46

  • Homework Thursday week 47

  • Homework for Thursday week 48

  • Reading

  • An interview

  • An essay

  • Practise words for clothes

  • Reading (hard): How I learned to love my school uniform

  • Reading (very hard): Fashion rules the world

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