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Reading and Analyzing Fiction

Skapad 2019-11-25 12:42 i Hagagymnasiet Borlänge
Gymnasieskola Engelska
Fiction refers to all kinds of texts that are made-up. We read fiction for Entertainment, for our intellectual development, and for our human wish to learn about our own and other people's Life. Fiction is quite magical if we open our minds to it.


Analyzing fiction

You are going to read/ listen to a book of your choice. During the first class you start reading the book and next class you'll write a Reading Log. See the attached document below, Reading Log.

Monday: Reading

Wednesday: Reading Log

Thursday: Reading

When you have finished reading you are going to prepare a book-talk based on How to Analyze Fiction.

You find further instructions in the document, How to Analyze Fiction.


  • Book talk Examination

  • Book Talk Examination

  • Reading Log and Analyze Fiction Instructions

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