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Lovely Christmas time

Skapad 2019-12-05 10:11 i Sannarpsgymnasiet Halmstad
Gymnasieskola Engelska
In most parts of our world, during the month of December, you´ll find Christmas trees, Santas and other Christmas decorations covering our houses and shops. On the other hand, it does not look the same everywhere… nor does it taste the same. Food connected to the celebration of Christmas differ and has a vast variety of tastes. The next four lessons you will learn more about the traditions connected to Christmas.



1. What do you usually eat on Christmas(or any other holiday connected to this time of year)? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can make a presentation or write a text about what you normally eat, and what you do at Christmas. Our example starts on December 23rd, but you can use any dates on or around Christmas if you have special meals you want to include. Add an explanation as to why you eat a certain dish, and any other traditions around the meal and put it all into a small essay. 

When you are done, present it to a friend or a Group. Good luck!




On the 23rd at around 8 o’clock we eat Christmas ham and mustard, served on rye bread. This is a tradition we have had all my life, it’s referred to as “tasting the Christmas ham”. When my grandparents were still alive, they came over for this tasting moment, and they always brought their own homemade bread. My younger brother used to put so much spicy mustard on his sandwich that he got tears in his eyes from it! It makes me both happy and sad to think about this memory. 

On Christmas morning I always eat…


2. Here is a list of Christmas dishes: 


Your job is to create a presentation about one dish connected to an English speaking country using words and pictures. Tell your teacher your choice so that nobody picks the same dish! Work individually or in groups. Make sure you cover these questions:


  1. What are the main ingredients?
  2. Where is it eaten?
  3. How is it served?
  4. Does it have a background story?
  5. Why did you choose this dish?


3. Final excercise:

Together with two or three classmates, create a Kahoot connected to the Christmas theme. Create 10-12 tricky questions and during the last lesson before we go on holiday you will try your classmates´knowledge about Christmas. Click on the link below to get inspiration for your questions: 


Merry Christmas!

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