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The English School Preschool- Template

Skapad 2020-01-07 14:09 i The English School Gothenburg Fristående förskolor
Template for the ESG preschool


Planning Template

Goals- Lpfö18

- What goals from the curriculum do we want to work towards?

- why these goals?

Purpose/Reason behind the topic
- what do we want to achieve when working on this topic?

- what are the children interested in?


- How are we going to reach the goals? 

- What activities are we planning to reach our goals?

Pedagogical documentation

- How can we involve the children in their own documentation?


Reflection and Analysis 


- How do we perceive the children's learning during this topic?

- Were the preschool goals met?  

- How were the goals met?


- What do we need to develop during our next topic?

- Do we need to do anything different?

- Do we have an inviting environment or can we change this to help with the learning?

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