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BÅ 05 VT2020 Life of Pi

Skapad 2020-01-08 15:37 i Brunnsåkersskolan Halmstad
Grundskola F – 9
Life of Pi is a film of life and its struggles. It reflects on the most philosophical and unanswered questions of life in an adventurous way. Are you ready to be swept away?


Life of Pi



We are going to watch the movie ”Life of Pi”. While watching, you are required to make notes. Notes about what happens and how you feel about it. Feel free to add anything else you notice. 


How? Watch the movie, make notes and prepare for a writing assignment. You are going to use your notes and bring them to an English lesson where you will write your text in You will have approximately 1 hour to write your text.



You are required to hand in a copy of your notes and a written text.

It is crucial to be prepared when it is time to write. 


Why? The purpose is for you to practice to write a text in a shorter period than usual. It is also to practice how to use notes as the basis of a written text. It is also a challenge and a chance for me to see what you can accomplish when you do not have several weeks to write.


When? 1-2 weeks to watch the movie + 1-2 lessons to write.



Writing assignment – you will be given a checklist to help you.




What do I want to write about and how? What examples/ideas am I going to include?



BÅ 05 VT2020 Life of Pi

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