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The Wave

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We are going to read a book called "The Wave". It is based on a true story that took place in Palo Alto, California in 1969. The teacher Ron Jones said that "it was one of the most frightening events I have ever experienced in the classroom"...


Book circle - The Wave


  •  Copy this document to your Drive and write in the document each week


Link to the book for Reading:

Link to the book for Listening:


Your task each week is to - read/listen

+ answer questions on each chapter

+ do your task, for example word finder.      


Summarizer - Summarize this week’s part of the text (5-10 sentences). Ask a friend if you need help!

Example (replace these names with yours…)

Week 1: Peter 

Week 2: Henrik

Week 3: Sara

Week 4: Mia


In the first chapter we get to know Laurie who...


Word finder - Find five difficult words and describe what they mean (in English)

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:


The Detective - What will happen next? Try to predict what is going to happen next in the story (write at least five sentences)

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Researcher - Find five facts about something in the text, for example “bic pen”, “frisbee”, “cigarette” etc. Google for example “bic pen fun facts”. Then write about five fun facts to share with your group.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:


Questions - The Wave
Chapter 1-2
* Who is Laurie Sanders? Tell us what we know about her so far?
* What does the other teachers think about Ben Ross?
* What is the matter with Robert Billings?
* What is the Grapevine?
* What is Mr. Ross’ motive for the experiment?

Chapters 3-4

* What happens when Robert sits down in the cafeteria?

* What are David’s thoughts about the football team?

* Describe Laurie and Amy’s relationship

* What happens when Ben gets interested in something?


Chapter 5-6
* How does Mr. Ross introduce his experiment/project?
* What are the students’ reactions?
* How does it affect Robert?

* What symbol does Mr. Ross choose for their movement? Why?
* How does the Wave movement spread outside Mr. Ross’ classroom?


Chapter 7-8
* What is Laurie’s parents’ reaction to the movement? What does Mr Saunders
say? Mrs Saunders?
* How does Mr. Ross’s Wife, Christy, feel about it?

* What is the idea behind the Wave membership cards?

Chapter 9
* Why is Laurie starting to have doubts about The Wave?
* Why is Mrs. Saunders concerned about Robert’s involvement in the Wave?

Chapters 10-14 (pp 60-83)
* Why does Mr. Ross agree to have Robert act as his bodyguard?
* What is the reason behind Laurie and David’s row?
* What effect did the row have on Laurie?
* What happened at The Wave rally? What did Mr. Saunders fear was the
reason for what happened?
* What happened to Laurie at the Sunday football game?
* How does Amy react when Laurie tells her about the article?
* What is Mr. Ross reaction to the conversation he overhears between two of
his fellow colleagues?

Chapters 15-17 (pp 84-107)
* Why is Christy Ross so concerned?
* What made David change his mind about The Wave?
* What made Mr. Ross realize that he must bring the experiment to an end?
* What is Principal Owen’s ultimatum to Mr. Ross?
* What are The Wave mottoes?
* What is Mr. Ross’s plan to end the Wave movement?
* Was his plan successful?
* How did Robert react?


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