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Idols - Writing

Skapad 2020-01-16 10:59 i Ytterbyskolan Kungälv
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
Here you're going to write about your idol or role model!


You're going to write about your idol or role model.

Think about the following things:

1. Describe why you chose this person?
2. Write a little bit about it’s life
3. What makes this person your idol?
4. What qualities does it have?
5. How can you become more like this person?
6. Is it important to have a role model? What are the positives and negatives? Explain why!

REMEMBER: Think about the text structure. Introduction, main body (huvuddel) and ending.

The text should be about 250 - 500 words.

In this assignment I will evaluate (bedöma)

1. How good you can write. (How does the text flow, is there a red thread)
2. How you structure your text.
3. If you use the correct tense (tempus).


Why are we doing this assignment?

1. To practise our writing skills (is it understandable, does the text have a good flow, how's the structure, is there a red thread?)

2. To explain and argument in a written text

3. If you know how to write you've the whole world in your hands!

Good luck!

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