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Number the stars

Skapad 2020-08-27 15:23 i Frötuna skola Norrtälje
Reading comprehension
Grundskola 4 – 6 Engelska
You will read "Number the stars" by Lois Lowry, in order to increase reading comprehension and vocabulary.


Tidsperiod: v.36-51

Vad ska jag lära mig? (Lärandemål)

  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Expand vocabulary

Hur ska vi arbeta för att komma dit? (Planering)

  • Read the book "Number the stars" by Lois Lowry (and listening)
  • Summarize each chapter and anwer the questions to the text.
  • Analyze text through critical thinking

Hur ska jag visa det? (Bedömning)

  • By answer questions to the book orally and in writing 
  • Written book review             


  • Number the stars - in audio kap1

  • Chapter One: Why Are You Running?

  • Number the stars - in audio

  • Chapter Two: Who is the Man That Rides Past?

  • Chapter Three: Where is Mrs. Hirsch?

  • Chapter Four: It Will Be a Long Night

  • Chapter Five: Who is the Dark-Haired One?

  • Chapter Six: Is the Weather Good for Fishing?

  • Chapter Seven: The House By the Sea

  • Chapter Eight: There Has Been a Death

  • Chapter Nine: Why Are You Lying?

  • Chapter Ten: Let Us Open the Casket

  • Wordlist

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