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This is a brief planning of the classes in English 7. The planning covers the autumn semester.


w 35 Introduction week (During this year, all classes will include at least 10 min of reading- you need to bring a book of your own choice, but it must be some kind of fiction)

Monday: Letter of introduction

Wednesday: Letter of introduction-hand in and podcast search/listening

w 36 Listening to podcasts- writing reviews.

Monday: Listening to podcast step 2- taking notes

Wednesday: Finish your second listening -taking notes. Writing reviews of podcast

w 37 Review writing

Monday: Writing reviews and start making speech script

Wednesday: Finish your speech-script and prepare your presentation. (Rehearse) 

w 38 Finishing Review/presentation

Monday: Finish writing the review and rehearse your presentation (60 min)

Reading 10 minutes

Wednesday: Give your presentations in groups (like when we rehearsed v 37) Record the meeting in Teams and hand in all your texts. (30 minutes)

Introducing next assignment on the Presidential Election 2020 (30 minutes) More details in separate planning.

We will begin our Presidential Election of 2020 project with a flashback to the 2016 Presidential Election between presidential candidates Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton. During the first class, we will practice your ability to analyze political debates and speeches to further your understanding of how rhetoric and stylistic choices can be used for different purposes and how language can be used as an instrument to exercise power.

w 39 The Presidential Election 2020

Monday: Short review of last class. (10 min)

You will then be tasked with analyzing the previous Inaugural Address before moving on to the current election and the presidential candidates of 2020, Donald Trump & Joe Biden (30-40 min)

Reading 10 min

Wednesday: Finish your analysis (about 25 min) and turn it in.

The class will be divided in two halves, each half focusing on one of the presidential candidates for the upcoming election. Group will make plans on how to go about this. (10-15 min)Research about your candidate (50 min)

Reading 10 min

w.40 The Presidential Election 2020 - Presentation of candidates

Monday: Working with your presidential candidate presentation (60 min)

Reading 10 min

Wednesday: Working with your presidential candidate presentation (50 min)

Reading 10 min

w 41 The Presidential Election 2020 - Presentation of candidates

Monday: During the SKA-day, Monday, you will present your group project through teams for another group.

Reading 10 min

Wednesday: Introducing the debates assignment. (10 min) Choosing topics and start research preparations (40 min)

Reading 10 min

w.42 Debates assignment

Monday: Prepare debates (60 min)

Reading 10 min

Wednesday: Prepare debates (60 min)

Reading 10 min

w.43 Debates assignment

Monday: Debates (60 min)

Reading 10 min

Wednesday: Debates. 

w.44 Fall Break!

w.45 Academic Essay-writing starts! (Distance)

Monday: No class due to changes in schedule

WednesdayU.S Presidential Election on Tuesday, reflection on results. 

Useful links from Manchester 

Sources and citations- a short assignment. Use the reference tool found in Word to show that you know how to refer to sources in different ways. Work individually, but help each other by talking about how to solve it in groups. (Record the discussions)

Introduce academic essay- due to the situation I have made changes in the planning and everyone needs to write an essay specifically for this course. 

For next time: PDF "understanding your task"

Reading 10 minutes

w 46 Academic essay Text types and genres (At school)

MondayAcademic essay-writing 

Short lecture on how to write in different academic disciplines (about 15 min) Presentation of useful tools and material.

Start Academic essay-choosing topics-writing a quick memo. (35 min)

For next time: PDF "what's the big idea"

Reading 10 minutes 

Wednesday: Academic essay-  thinking about your topic, create a matrix according to instructions and start finding sources (I recommend library searches) (45 min) Also, upload the template that you normally use when asked to write an essay.

For next time: Read the PDF Writing your essay 

Reading 10 minutes

w 47 Academic essay (Distance)

Monday: No class- Utvecklingssamtal

Wednesday: Start reading sources and write the outline (according to the PDF "What is the big idea") of your academic essay (50 min) (Teacher at different place but will start class and be present in chat)

Reading 10 minutes

w 48 Academic essay (At School)

Monday: Short note on structure and plagiarism.

Writing essay (50 minutes) 

Reading 10 min


Writing essay (60 min)

Reading 10 min


w 49 Academic Essays (Distance)

Monday: Writing essay. 50 minutes.

Reading 10 min. 


Wednesday: Writing essay 50 minutes.

After class you need to have the introduction, topic, aim/scope and method and sources used more or less ready. You will be teamed up in pairs and are supposed to hand over your essay to your assigned partner at the end of class. 


w 50 Academic Essay (At school)

Monday: In groups of 4 (two pairs) present your essay outline (What will you do? Why will you do it? How will you do it? Which sources did you use? What is your goal? What are you hoping to learn/contribute with this?) to the group. About 5 minutes each. (20 minutes)

Then: read the essay-draft written by your "assigned partner". (Reading time about 10 minutes)

After everyone has read, talk a little bit about all essay-outlines and provide some feedback to your friends. (Two wishes and a star) (20 minutes)

When everyone has received feedback, see if there are changes you want to make in your essay so far.

Record the meeting as usual.

Reading 10 min

Reading 10 min

Wednesday: Writing essay 50 min

Aim to have most parts of your essay more or less done, at least to content, by the end of class.

Print your essay and hand it to your assigned partner and your teacher (paper AND electronically)

Reading 10 min


w 51 Essay Seminars (distance)

Monday: Read and comment on your assigned partners essay. At the end of class, make sure that you send your comments to your partner

Reading 10 min

Wednesday: During this class you are supposed to present your feedback to your partner. (About 20 minutes each) When done: carry on writing.

Reading 10 min


w 52

Monday: Mid-evaluation- Hand-in Academic Essay draft




w 2 Finish writing your essay (2 classes)

w 3 Prepare for opposition seminars (one class to read, one class to comment)

w 4 Opposition seminars (One class)


  • Essay outline

  • Scripts/notes for the opposition seminar

  • Academic Essay Final version

  • Academic essay draft

  • Exercise How to refer to sources

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