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"Little Miss Sunshine"

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Grundskola F
"Watch and learn!" By watching a film practice comprehension, speaking and writing a description.


By watching films you can learn and develop and learn many things, such as listening comprehension, vocabulary, 
difference between moving pictures and written text.

For this project we are going to focus and develop
- listening comprehension (watch and take notes)
- vocabulary (adjectives to describe)
- speaking (discuss characters/what happens)
- writing (plan/write about a character)

Time plan

w.47              Tuesday                       Thursday
                      introduction/watch       Continue watching
                      take notes/discuss       take notes/discuss

w.48              Finish film                     prepare/make mind-map

                      take notes/discuss

w.49              Essay writing - DigiExam

Essay writing - Tuesday w.49

In your description you are going to describe how the person is and how they

To clarify your thoughts and opinions about the character, you are going to use examples from the film. By using these examples, you can clarify what your opinion is based on. You do not need to use examples for all of your thoughts but use them to develop some of your description.

The structure of your text should be as follows:
- headline
- introduction; where you state why you have chosen this specific character
- characteristics; how they are and behave (be careful to use paragraphs here)
- conclusion/ending; where  you summarize your main thoughts about the

Be careful to:
- use paragraphs
- use punctuation
- vary your sentences
- use a mixed vocabulary

Remember to bring:
- computer with charger
- mind-map

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