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Dracula 8B

Skapad 2021-01-09 11:03 i Torpskolan Lerum
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
We're reading the novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker.


DRACULA by Bram Stoker

w. 5

- An introduction
- Come up with a (or several) suitable explanation(s) or synonym(s) for the following words:

A journal
A recipe
A count
A pass

To bow
To pretend
To cross


- Chapter 1: 3 May


Come up with a (or several) suitable explanation(s) or synonym(s) for the following words:

A witch
A werewolf
A vampire
A beard
A tongue

To scream
To disappear
To howl


- Chapter 1: 4-5 May
- Go to Google maps and try to retrace Jonathan Harker's journey so far!
- Discussion:
1. What's your first impression of Jonathan Harker?
2. What's your first impression of the place he's going to?
-  New homework:

I stood in front of a great door, but there was no bell for me to ring.

What sort of place had I come to, and what kind of people lived here?

I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself to see if I was awake. 

He was wearing black from head to foot and held an old lamp in his hand.

For a moment I thought he was the same person as the driver.

I was very hungry, so I quickly washed myself and hurried back to the dining room.

The Count opened the letter and read it.

While I ate, the Count asked me many questions about my journey.

Yesterday I slept until late in the day. 

This seemed strange in a rich house like this one. 


w. 6

Come up with a (or several) suitable explanation(s) or synonym(s) for the following words:

A lawyer
A nightmare
A servant
A chapel
A mental hospital
A throat

To notice
To rub
To pinch
To shave

- Chapter 2


- Quiz
- Discussion:
1. Why does Jonathan Harker go to Transylvania?
2. What happens when he's leaving the Golden Krone hotel?
3. Why does the Count want to go to London?
4. Why does the Count want to improve his English?
5. What happens when Jonathan is shaving?
- New homework:

When I woke up, I found myself in the bedroom again.

No he knows that I know too much, and it is too dangerous for him to let me live.

This morning I heard the sound of horses outside my window.

I waved and shouted to them, but they just looked up and laughed. 

Then I heard a woman crying in the courtyard outside.

Somewhere high above me, I heard the Count speak a strange language. 

This afternoon I went upstairs to the room facing south and took off my boots. 

Behind the door was a steep staircase leading down to a long, dark tunnel. 

There were also shovels leaning against the wall.

I could not say which, because his eyes were still open.


w. 8

- Pretending you're Jonathan, write a letter to Mina (apr. 1/2 page), telling her about your journey and your first impressions of the Count and his home. 
Come up with a (or several) suitable explanation(s) or synonym(s) for the following words:

A witch
A battlefield
A lizard

To suspect
To remind someone of something
To forgive
To crawl
To whisper
To lick
To dare do something
To faint



- Quiz
- Chapter 3
- New homework:

I look forward to being with you by the sea, where we can talk together freely.

He is well and will be returning in about a week's time. 

Tell me your news when you write.

I have had nothing to tell you, there really is nothing to interest you.

We have told each other all our secrets since we were children.

Although I think he loves me too, he has not told me so in words.

I will be twenty in September.

He came just before lunch and told me how dear I was to him.

He said he would always be my friend.

The only solution for this sort of thing is work, and I've gone back to my patients.


w. 9

Come up with a (or several) suitable explanation(s) or synonym(s) for the following words:

A coin
A tomb
A shovel
An eyelid

To destroy


In vain

- Chapter 4
- Discussion:
1. Why does Jonathan think there are no servants in the castle?
2. What happens after Jonathan falls asleep in the little room? Why does he faint?
3. Why does Jonathan think he's in trouble when the Count asks him to write the three letters?
4. What does Jonathan find in the chapel?
5. Do you think he was brave to go down there?


- Quiz
Come up with a (or several) suitable explanation(s) or synonym(s) for the following words:

A rumour
A proposal
An abbey
A churchyard
A spider

To swallow
To disgust


- What do you think the following expression means: it never rains but it pours ?
- Chapter 5
- New homework (for Friday w. 11):

I can't sleep now, so I might as well write in my journal.

I did not want to wake her mother, who is ill and has a weak heart.

Then I saw that the front door was open, and I went outside.

I tried to pull her up and shake her.

I put my shoes on her feet and took her home to bed.

I don't expect more trouble tonight.

Again I woke up in the night, and this time Lucy was sitting up in bed.

When I lay down again, Lucy was sleeping peacefully. 

He has been here for nearly six weeks and has a terrible brain fever. 

About eight o'clock he began to get excited.

I found my dear one, so thin and pale and weak-looking.

I showed him his journal and told him that I would never open it.

I hope you will always be as happy as I am now.

When the clock struck twelve, it woke me up.

I want you to do me a favour.

I must go back to my father, who is still very ill.

She seemed cheerful when I arrived at the house.

He knows more about rare diseases than anyone in the world.

I have just received your letter and I am on my way to see you.

If it is necessary, I can be back again in three days.


w. 10

- Chapter 6-7
- Discussion: 
1. Who has Lucy received proposals from? Which one does she accept?
2. What is Renfield interested in? What happens to his pets?
3. Why is Mina so worried abput Jonathan and Lucy?
4. What happened to all the men onboard the Demeter?
- Pretending your Mina, write a letter (apr. 1/2 page) to Jonathan, telling him about what has been going on and about your thoughts and feelings.


w. 11

- Chapter 8-9
- Write and hand in an article (1/2 - 1 page)  about the wedding ceremony


- Quiz
- Chapter 10
- Discussion:
1. Where does Mina find Lucy after she's been sleepwalking? Who is with her?
2. Why do you think Lucy is getting weaker and paler every day?
3. Wo is Dr Van Helsing?
4. What has Dr Van Helsing ordered from Haarlem? What does he want Lucy to do with them?
- New homework:

It was a lovely morning and the sun was shining.

As she spoke, I watched the Professor's face turn grey.

What has that poor girl done for this to happen?

Today I interviewed the keeper who had taken care of the wolf.

All right, here's the whole story.

They always like a nice bone or two around tea time.

Then he politely lifted his hat and walked away.

The keeper laughed at his little joke.

I heard something that sounded like a dog's howl from the garden.

I could feel that my mother's heart had stopped beating.


w. 12

- Chapter 11-12
- Discussion:
1. What has Mrs Westenra done?
2. Why did the wolf escape from the zoo?
3. Where did the wolf go?
4. What happens when Dr Seward goes to look at Lucy's window?
5. How does Lucy change before she dies?


- Quiz
- Chapter 13-14
- New homework (for Friday week 15):

Jonathan sat next to me, and opposite us sat Lord Godalming.

This vampire is as strong as twenty men.

All the stories about vampires in the world are based on the same truth.

He can come out of anything and go into anything.

Like all evil things, he also has no power in the daytime.

Can you tell me the real reason why you want to leave the hospital tonight?

I am not free to speak about it.

I hope you will remember later that I did what I could to persuade you to let me go tonight.

He seems to be mixed up with the Count in some strange way.


w. 13

- Chapter 15-16
- Discussion:
1. Why does Mina read her husbands journal?
2. Why is Jonathan happy about the Professor's letter to Mina?
3. How does Dr Van Helsing try to convince Dr Seward that Lucy is a vampire?
4. Does Dr Van Helsing succeed in convincing Dr Seward?
5. What happens when Dr Van Helsing removes a little piece of the Host from the tomb door?
6. What do the men do to the body in Lucy's tomb?


w. 15

- Choose one of the characters Jonathan, Mina or Dr Seward and write an entry into their journal (1/2 - 1 page), describing everything that has been going on so far
Come up with a (or several) suitable explanation(s) or synonym(s) for the following words:

A soul
An enemy
A whistle
The chest
A nightgown
A safe

To persuade
To bark



- Quiz
- Chapter 17-18
- New homework (Friday w. 17):

A few minutes later I saw Morris suddenly step back from a corner he was examining.

When the rats were gone, we went back to the hospital.

Today I will try to find out who could have removed them.

I won't tell Jonathan about this dream, since I don't want to worry him.

Well, there was this old gentleman with a white moustache waiting for me there.

Then he helped me carry the boxes inside.

We know the worst now.

It may not be too late.

By her side stood a tall, thin man dressed in black.

The poor fellow is dead.

Now you will be like me, and you will be my helper.


w. 16



w. 17

- Chapter 19-21


- Quiz
- Discussion:
1. What does Dr Van Helsing tell the others about vampires?
2. Why does Renfield want to leave the hospital?
3. Why is it a problem that there are only 29 boxes left in Carfax?
4. What do the men see when they go into Harker's room?
- New homework:

 A tall, thin man was seen taking a big box onboard the ship before she left.

We must be careful not to tell her too much.

It will take her at least three weeks to get to Varna. 

We can use the next few days to get ready, and then the four of us can set off on our journey.

I can tell you now, while the sun is coming up, but I might not be able to tell you later.

You will come with us, and we will do what we have to do together.

She looks stronger and her colour is coming back.

A whole week of waiting.

She is very tired, and Mr Harker could not wake her this morning.

She should be here by now.


w. 18

- Chapter 22-24
- Discussion:
1. What happens when Dr Van Helsing puts the Host on Mina's forehead?
2. How does the Count escape from the men in the house in Piccadilly? What does he take with him?
3. What does Dr Van Helsing learn from hypnotising Mina? Why is this also a problem?
4. Why does Mina want to go with them to Varna? Do you think it is a good idea?


- Quiz
- Prepare writing: Choose either Dracula or Mina, then prepare to write their final entry (apr. 1 page)
- New homework: The final entry


w. 19

- Writing: the final entry


- Hand in the final entry


w. 20

- Chapter 25-27
- Discussion:
1. Why do the men not find the Count on board the Czarina Catherine?
2. Why does Dr Van Helsing want to take Mina to the Count's castle?
3. Why is Mina safe from the three vampire women?
4. What happens to the Count's body in the end?
5. What happens to Quincey Morris?


- Which of the following words have opposite meaning?


- Which of the words above best describe the following characters?

Count Dracula
Dr Van Helsing
Mina Harker
Jonathan Harker
Lucy Westenra

- Which of the following sentences about the story are true and which are false?
1. One of the reasons the Count invited Jonathan to Transylvania was to improve his own English.
2. The reason why Jonathan thought there were no servants in the castle is that they were so quiet.
3. The Whitby S.P.C.A. was right in thinking that the poor dog that jumped off the Demeter was frightened by the storm.
4. Mina pinched Lucy's throat and made two red marks when she was trying to get her home from the churchyard.
5. Dr Van Helsing and the other men gave Lucy blood four times before she died.
6. Dr Van Helsing removed Lucy's body from the tomb himself in order to convince Dr Seward that she was a vampire.
7. The Count needed Renfield to invite him inside the mental hospital so he could get to Mina.
8. Mina wanted to go with the men to Varna because she was afraid she might have to hurt them if they didn't take her.

- Translate the following words, then put them in the correct sentence below:


1. Jonathan Harker was ____ that there was no carriage to meet him at the Borgo Pass.
2. Count Dracula _____ that there were servants in the castle, but there were none.
3. Jonthan Harker _____ that there were no servants in the castle.
4. Mina had heard _____ about Lucy and a curly-haired man.
5. The captain of the Demeter wrote in his log that his men seemed _____ but they would not speak of it.
6. Lucy was very _____ to Dr Van Helsing and Dr Seward for trying to help her.
7. Until he saw the letter from Dr Van Helsing to Mina Harker, Jonathan Harker was not sure if he was _____ or mad.
8. Dr Van Helsing took the men to Lucy's tomb because he wanted to show them _____ that Lucy was was a vampire.
9. When the men saw Lucy walking in the churchyard, they were _____ that she really was a vampire.
10. The sight of the Count forcing Mina to drink his blood _____ Dr Seward.
11. When Lucy said she was unclean, her husband told her that this was _____ and put his arms round her.
12. Captain Donelson thought the Romanian sailors' _____ were ridiculous.


w. 21

- Finish the exercises from last week
- Write a story in which you suspect that someone you know has turned into a vampire. Use the ideas from the book and try to integrate as many of the following words/expressions as possible!

At midnight
Exactly at sunset
In vain


- Finish and hand in your story


  • The final entry

  • Diary of...

  • The Wedding Ceremony

  • Letter from Mina

  • Letter to Mina