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Planering engelska 06B v. 2-3

Skapad 2021-01-10 17:39 i Lerbäckskolan Lunds för- och grundskolor
Grundskola F
Planering for w. 2-3 spring 21.


Planning weeks 2-3

Google meet

Join the class by clicking on the link above. Tuesday Jan. 12th We will start by working with section 4 in the Text Book “ The USA” Even though the texts are not very recent they are, to a great extent very valid and provide a good start. Taking into consideration recent events in Washington it seems prudent to start with this section. We start by reading pages 112-115 and do exercises 9, 19 Thursday Jan.14th We go through the exercises. Then you read pp.144-146 and start work with exercise 22. Tuesday Jan. 19th We go through exercise 22 and look at pp 116-117. Make your own crossword using Discovery Education Puzzlemaker. You hand them in on our classroom. Thursday Jan. 21st You have handed in you crossword puzzles and today we you solve someone else’s crossword.

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