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Planering Holes åk 8 VT21

Skapad 2021-01-14 17:04 i Enskede skola Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola 8 Engelska
During the following weeks we will be reading the book Holes written by the American author Louis Sachar. You will each week have to read or listen to between 50-60 pages. You will also be divided into book circle groups where you each week will have a different role. You will also be given homework certain weeks to broaden your English vocabulary. The focus during these weeks will therefore be to enhance your reading skills as well as practicing your speaking skills during the book discussions.


Book circle roles: 

The question leader writes 2-3 open ended questions to discuss with the reading group.   

The illustrator is in charge of drawing a scene from the designated chapters. The other members of the reading group will look at the picture and describe what is happening.   

The summarizer writes a short summary of their assigned chapters.   

The word – wizard finds 5 challenging words from the text and explains them.   

The Real-life connector tells how certain parts of the story are similar to events that have happened in their life, the life of a friend or relative, or in current events.  




Lektion 1 

Lektion 2 

V. 2  



Introduction to the book 


  • Info about the author and the book 


  • Reflection questions  


  • You will be divided into book circles 


Listen to chapters 1 - 3 

V. 3 

Read chapters 4-7 (p. 11-40)  


Prepare your book circle mission (ch. 3-7) 

Book circle in break-out groups in teams 


Read chapters 8-13 (p. 41-63) 


V. 4 

Reading log in OneNote  


Go through the reading log in class 


Prepare your book circle mission (ch. 8-13) 

Homework checkpoint  


Book circle 


V. 5

Read chapters 14-20 (p.64-91) 


Prepare your book circle mission (ch. 14-20) 

Book circle in break-out groups in teams  


Read chapters 21-28 (p92-123) 



V. 6 

Listen to chapters 29-35 (p. 127-159) 


Reading log in OneNote  

Homework checkpoint 



Read chapters 36-42 (p160-188) 




Read chapters 43-49 (p. 189-225) 


Prepare your book circle mission (ch. 43-49) 

Book circle in break-out groups in teams 


Listen to chapter 50 in class 


v. 8

Watch the movie 

Watch the movie